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Last Updated: 2016/6/9
City of Auburn, New York
Date of Posting:  June 29, 2016

        The City Council adopted the City’s Fiscal Year 2016-2017 budget on June 2, 2016.  The following recap is provided to explain this budget:
  • Overall expenses in the City budget decreased spending by 1.2%.
  • The property tax levy decreased by 4.3%, the actual monetary decrease of your property tax will be based on your assessment.
  • A refuse collection fee was enacted to financially support the continued delivery of all City government services.  Prior to July 1, 2016 the City Auburn was one of the very few municipalities in New York State to fund refuse collection through the property tax levied.  The Fiscal Year 2016-2017 City of Auburn budget removed the expenses associated with the refuse collection fund completely out of the City’s general fund and shifted the expense to the separate refuse collection fund which will be financed by this refuse collection fee.  The refuse collection fee is a flat fee based on the number of units on the property.
  • The City is faced with decreasing revenues in other areas and revenue sharing from the State of New York remained flat.  In 2011 the State cut Aid & Incentives To Municipalities (AIM) funding to the City of Auburn by over $500,000.00.  This AIM funding has remained flat ever since.
About the Refuse Collection Fee
        A new program of the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 City of Auburn budget was a fee for refuse collection for multi-family residential, commercial, and tax-exempt properties. This fee was implemented to offset the increasing cost of refuse & recycling collection without levying additional property taxes.  
        The Fiscal Year 2016-2017 City of Auburn budget removed the expenses associated with the refuse collection fund completely out of the City’s general fund.  Another way of stating this is that refuse collection will no longer be paid for as part of property taxes, rather it will be paid for by the refuse collection fee.  This began July 1, 2014 for multi-unit properties and July 1, 2016 for single unit properties.   
        The breakdown of the refuse collection fee is as follows:
•For residential properties the fee is charged on a per unit basis.  
•For commercial and tax-exempt properties the fee will be according to the fee schedule listed below.  
•Mixed use properties will be handled on a case by case basis.

What is the fee?

Residential Properties:
One unit, $120.00                 
Two units, $235.00                 
Three units, $339.00
Four units, $432.00
Five units, $516.00
Six units, $592.00
Commercial and Tax-Exempt Properties:
Small, less than 10,000 square feet, $186.00
Large, more than 10,000 square feet, $295.00  
*PLEASE NOTE: The City reserves the right to adjust commercial and tax-exempt fees if the refuse placed out for collection on average exceeds the limit set by the City Code.

How will the fee be billed?
        The refuse collection fee will be included on the annual tax bill for the property.  Tax bills are mailed on July 1st.

Will all properties be included?  
        No, any property which has used a private refuse hauler will continue to do so.  The City of Auburn has a record of residential, commercial and tax exempt properties that already utilize a private hauler.  It is the intent of the city that these properties will not be charged a refuse fee on their July 1, 2016 tax bill.  In the event that a property that has traditionally used a private refuse hauler is billed please notify the city by using the Private Hauler Exemption Form listed below.

Before filling out the Request for Exemption to the Refuse Fee Form, please read the following:
       There will be two opportunities for property owners to appeal to the city for an exemption from the refuse fee being added to the tax bill.
Residential Exemption- this request for exemption is for a property owner that has a unit that is vacant and the owner expects the unit will be vacant for the next year.  Upon application city personnel will arrange with the property owner to inspect the property for verification.

Private Refuse Hauler Exemption- this request for exemption is for any property of four units or more that utilizes the service of a private refuse hauler.  Upon application the applicant must provide proof of their contract with a private refuse hauler.  (Proof will be a contract with a private refuse hauler or a paid invoice from such hauler that abides by the City of Auburn Code Section 254-37-A which states all solid waste products picked up within the city limits of the City of Auburn, whether picked up by a public hauler or by a private hauler, shall be deposited at the Auburn Landfill.) Please note: Property owners that do not currently use a private refuse hauler should not sign or enter into a contract with a private refuse hauler unless they are certain they will qualify for exemption.

Also, Exemption Forms may be picked up and turned in by mail or in person to the:
City Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor, Memorial City Hall, 24 South St.  Auburn, NY

For more information please contact:
Charles Mason
City Clerk
City of Auburn, NY
Memorial City Hall
24 South St.
Auburn, NY  13021
Ph: 315-255-4100
Fax: 315-255-4181

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Memorial City Hall
24 South Street, Auburn, NY 13021
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