Casey Park Skatepark

Skatepark Design Rendering 2022
Skatepark Design Rendering 2022

Design concepts for the new Casey Park Skatepark were presented to the public at a March 23, 2022 public meeting held at the Equal Rights Heritage Center in Auburn.  View the design concept drawings here.

The public is invited to comment on the concept designs and input will be welcome through April 1, 2022.  To provide input please send your comments via email at


Skate boarding, scootering, and inline skating draws people of all ages to the outdoors.  Skateparks provide that outdoor space where people can try a new sport, master tricks, or just have fun. The City of Auburn’s future skatepark will offer a variety of terrain that provides an area for skaters of all abilities. We are looking feedback from you and others in our community on what the new skatepark will look like and what unique features it will include!

“There's no age -- just get out there and go for it. Have fun. Enjoy because you love it, take baby steps.” - Sky Brown, 13 year old Olympic medalist in skateboarding, in an interview with CNN Sports

The City of Auburn is working with Washington State based designer Grindline Skateparks to design a one of kind skate park for our community. 


• Replace the current skatepark in Casey Park with a new cast in place concrete skatepark of approximately 8,000-12,000 square feet.
• The construction budget for the replacement facility is $500,000
• The budget includes the skatepark and any associated park and access improvements determined during the design process.
• The design of the new facility should result of input from the community through a public outreach process that engages end users and get their buy in on the final design
• The facility should accommodate users of all ages and skill levels and be complimentary to the Casey Park’s diverse park features and users of the park.

PROJECT LOCATION: The new facility will be located in Casey Park.

    “My favorite part of the scooter scene is the fact that everyone in the sport is very respectful of one another. There is very little drama in the sport and that is very rare nowadays”- Raymond Warner, Pro Scooter rider, in an interview with Envy

    Project Funding and Timeline

    The City of Auburn is utilizing Community Development Block Grant funding for the design of a new skatepark to be located at Casey Park at 150 N. Division Street.  The construction of the new skatepark will be funded with Community Development Block Grant funding and a NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) Environmental Projection Fund (EPF) grant awarded to the City for $250,000.  View the grant award letter.

    Proposed Schedule: 

    • November- January 2022: Design Development
    • February-March 2022: Final Design
    • March – May 2022: Bid for Construction
    • July- December 2022: Construction

    Contact info: City of Auburn Office of Planning and Economic Development 315-253-3513 email

    Auburn's Current Skatepark

    Casey Park is the home of the City’s skatepark (pictured below).  It is free and open to the public from dawn to dusk. The current skatepark was installed in 2001 and is about 6,500 sq feet with an asphalt base.  The existing structures include mini ramps, box jump, a mini half pipe and a rail that can be moved to accommodate skaters.

     Auburn Skate Park est. 2001

    What’s in a Skatepark?

    The City of Auburn is looking to install a new poured in place concrete skatepark at Casey Park. Poured in place concrete skate parks can offer both street and transitional elements for skaters of all abilities.  Street elements include rails, stairs, and flat surfaces where transitional elements include bowls, curved surfaces and half pipes. Although skateparks offer some specific elements for skaters, they can also offer unique features. Unique features such as skatable art, concrete coloring, and landscaping are customizable to fit our community need.

    Skatepark in Mamoth CA:

    Mamoth CA Skate Park

    Paine’s Park in Philadelphia, PA:

    Philadelphia PA Skate Park

    Rhodes Skatepark in Boise, Idaho:

    Boise Idaho Skate Park

    “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.” –

    Tony Hawk, legendary skateboarder, entrepreneur, and founder of The Skatepark Project