Certificates of Occupancy

Residential Uses
Fee Amount
$50.00 per unit. 
Mixed Use
$100.00 plus $50.00/unit over 2 dwelling units
Fee Amount
0-25,000 sq. ft.
25,001-50.00 sq. ft.
50,001 sq. ft. or more
Zoning Board of Appeals
Fee Amount Per Application
Area Variance Application
Use Variance Application
Special Use Permits
Fee per Application
Special Use Permit
Wireless Telecomm Facility
Co-locations of Wireles Telecomm Facility
Certificate of Zoning Compliance, Rebuild Letters, Letters requiring research
Fee Amount

A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all buildings containing two or more dwelling units and all mixed occupancy (commercial/residential) uses when any of the following occur:

  • Transfer of title;
  • Execution or recording of a mortgage for a property without a valid Certificate of Occupancy;
  • Vacancy  or condemnation of one or more units for six months or more;
  • Change of use as set forth in § 125-26
  • Issuance of a building permit;
  • Expiration in five (5) years, revocation or other termination of an existing Certificate of Occupancy.

A Certificate of Occupancy is also required for any single family dwelling of new construction or one that has been vacant for six months or more.