General Requirements for Construction

Fences: Fences may be built up to the property line as long as the entire fence, including the footers, is on the property of the person building the fence.  Fences in the front yard have a maximum height of 4 feet and may not exceed more than 60% solid. Chain Link fencing is not allowed in the front yard. Side and rear yard fencing may be upto 6 feet in height of any material. Good side must face out and be the same or nearly the same color on both sides.   

Garages and sheds: A Garage (polebarn or stick built) is allowed up to 784 sq. ft.  A Shed may be 144 sq. ft. Setbacks for shed and unattached garage are six ft. from the house, three ft. from the side property line and three ft. from the rear property line. Setbacks are measured from the overhang.  Pole barn style garage setbacks are six ft. from the house, five ft. from the side property line and five ft. from the rear property line. Setbacks for attached garage are seven feet from the side property lines. The rear and front set backs are twenty feet each. Garage and shed may only be built on improved lots.

Decks and porches: Setbacks for decks are three ft. from the side and rear property lines. Setbacks for proches are ten ft from any property line.  Porches may not extend over ten ft. into the required front yard.   Deck Requirements

New house: Setbacks for a new single family house in an R- 1 Zoning District are  seven feet from the side property lines The rear setback is twenty five feet and the front setback is twenty feet. The minimum lot frontage is fifty feet with a total of 6,000 sq. ft. New construction also requires a request to connect to City sewer and water submitted to the engineering dept. and the completion of a permit application.

New commercial construction requires a request to connect to City sewer and water and signing for a backflow preventer packet for water service.

Pools: Setbacks are at least ten foot clearance all around to the property lines and six foot from house to the waters edge. Above ground pools must be at least forty eight inches level all around with a self-latching gate or a lock up ladder or the entire pool must be fenced in. In ground pools shall be fenced in. The requirement for a four foot fence/barrier around pools is for new installation and all pre-existing pools. Pools installed before the fence/barrier requirement are not grand-fathered in. All pools require a four foot fence/barrier. Pools may not exceed more than10% of the lot area.   Swimming Pool Requirements

Window Requirements