Road Programs

Each year a portion of the approximately 108 miles of city roadways are repaired or reconstructed under the road program.

As with the sidewalk program, the work is contracted annually by the Engineering Department through the open competitive bid process. The department is responsible for surveying, cost estimating, compiling plans and specifications, bidding, construction inspection and payments. Various methods of repairing the roads are utilized, including crack-sealing, microsurfacing, mill and overlay, and partial or complete reconstruction.

For more information about this project you may contact Bill Lupien, Superintendent at 315-255-4132 or by email.

How are roads chosen for repair?

The Engineering Department makes annual inspections of all city roads to determine which roads are in need of work. The roads are categorized by the type of repair recommended and prioritized by condition. Cost estimates are then developed. Final decisions regarding additional repairs are made after bids are received and costs are reviewed.