Positive Momentum

Introducing Rhonda Miller – Mayor Quill and City Council welcome Rhonda Miller to the position of Assistant to the Mayor. She is actively working within the mayor’s office to facilitate and encourage open communication between the office and the community. She can be contacted Mon-Fri from 8-4 through the Mayor’s office. Residents are encouraged to contact her with concerns and community outreach. (315) 255-4104. Rhonda brings extensive design, communication, and project coordination experience to her role in city government. She currently lives in Auburn with her husband, Dean Aversa and their 2 spoiled cats, Stanley and Oliver. In her personal time, Rhonda has a growing business as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is the sole proprietor of Flavor of Health and an active member of the Auburn Photography Club.

Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival (MTF) – Mayor Quill is a big supporter of the Musical Theater Festival and is committed to seeing this exciting project brought to life. “The MTF brings REAL opportunity for success to Auburn”. Mayor Quill firmly believes this project will energize the community, provide economic impact, and establish Auburn as one of the key centers for Musical Theater in the Nation. The MTF is another example of local economic development designed to rejuvenate Downtown Auburn with the Arts, Theater, Retail and further build on a tourism-based economy.

Supporter of Local Veterans Leagues – As a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Mayor Quill has been a strong supporter of all local veteran leagues. During his administration, he has worked with members of the Korean War Veterans Association to create the Veterans Memorial Park; with the Vietnam Veterans Association to achieve State recognition of the renaming of Route 38, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway of Valor; and the surviving members of the U.S. Army - 299th Engineer Combat Battalion from Cayuga County, to bring them and all the members of the 299th the recognition they deserved on June 6, 2009, the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, honoring those who fought in this battle, died and became POW and MIAs during WWII.

Hosted the first-ever “Mayor’s Town Hall Meetings” – When Mayor Quill took office, he felt it was important to be accessible to all people, thus creating “Monday’s with Mike” – an informal question/answer style meeting that allows City residents the opportunity to ask questions or present concerns that they have pertaining to their specific neighborhood or city issues in general. These Town Hall-style meetings have been successful at bridging the gap between Citizens and their government by opening the lines of communication and attracting those who might not feel comfortable speaking publically during a City Council Meeting.

Lobbied for Harriet Tubman and National Park Status in Washington DC – Part of a pilgrimage of local community leaders, Mayor Quill traveled to Washington DC in September of 2011 to rally law makers in support of current legislation to give the Tubman homestead “National Park Status”, and the potential for inclusion in the National Parks System. Such an achievement would create new jobs, drive tourism, and further stimulate the local economy.

Supporter of the Cayuga Anti-Fracking Alliance (CAFA) – Supports all efforts and legislation that would prohibit hydrofracking in all watersheds in the Finger Lakes as well as the Lake Ontario watershed. CAFA Facebook Page