Parking Garage Information

informational photo about parking rates

Upper Garage

The upper levels of the Downtown Parking Garage have an entrance and exit on Lincoln Street across from the Equal Rights Heritage Center.  The upper levels offer short-term and long-term parking options. The first 2 hours of parking are free each visit in the upper levels of the garage. Long-term permits are available for purchase in affordable monthly, quarterly, 6-month and year-long increments. A new automated entrance and exit kiosk allows easy payment in cash, credit or debit card.  Weekdays pay to park is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the first two hours free. All day rate is capped at $6. Nights and weekends are free.  Download the parking garage poster (PDF).

Upper Garage Daily Parking Rate Schedule
Rates effective  July 1, 2017
0-2 Hours
2-3 Hours
3-4 Hours
4-5 Hours
5-6 Hours
6-7 Hours
7+ Hours

Affordable Long-Term Parking Permits are Available

  • Long-Term Permits provide significant discounts compared to the $6.00 daily rate
TermFeePer Day Cost
One Month
$2.50 per day
(Based on 20 days usage per month)
Three Month
$2.25 per day
(Based on 20 days usage per month)
Six Month
$2.08 per day
(Based on 20 days usage per month)
One Year
$1.88 per day
(Based on 20 days usage per month)

Lower Garage

The lower level of the Downtown Parking Garage has an entrance on Lincoln Street and exits on William Street. This lower level offers short-term metered and kiosk pay-to-park parking at a rate of $1. per hour. The lower garage area offers a total of 48 parking spots.

Please note: the 2 hour free parking is not offered in this Lower Garage area.