Planning / Training

The Planning and Training Office has a variety of responsibilities, including recruitment, scheduling and training. The office is led by Sergeant Spingler.

The importance of knowledge and training cannot be overstated in our field. The Auburn Police Department ensures our officers are compliant and well-versed with our in-house, online and state mandated training. The knowledge and skills obtained will continue to assist our officers in making the best decisions they can, while serving our community.

Officers are trained in-house by our certified instructors, through our PoliceOne Academy online training portal, or off-site. Any course that can be taken in-house or online, without sacrificing quality, is. This saves time and money, in course costs, travel time, and overtime. Officers participate in a variety of training, including: Active Shooter, Narcan Nasal Spray, Firearms Training , Range Qualification., Taser, K9, and ERT Training.

Training Session