Message From The Chiefs of Police

One of our primary goals when we became your Chiefs of Police was to lead this agency with transparency and inclusion, understanding that both the community and our employees must be part of successfully policing our community. Being integrally involved in the process of making our agency the best it can be had to take an “all hands on deck approach” to building a long-lasting partnership.

policeman in uniform

It is also a belief of our administration that the face of the Police Department cannot solely be the Office of the Chief’s and that all of our members must take an active role in the Community Policing mindset that we wish to accomplish. So with such events as “Coffee with a Cop,” “Shop with a Cop,” “Seymour Library Story-Time,” and many others, we have begun a reinvention of the Community Policing model which we hope will only expand into the future.

Communication is also paramount. Never before has the Auburn Police Department been so accessible to the public we serve. Be it though phone calls, walk-ins to our complaint desk, or through our various social media platforms, we hope our citizens feel comfortable with the different forms of communication we make available. Any questions or issues they need assistance with, they will always be able to connect with us in a fast, convenient, and transparent manner.

With the much anticipated transformation and development that our City’s downtown is undergoing with such projects as the “Equal Right’s Heritage Center” set to begin construction in the Spring of 2018, the development of the “Harriet Tubman National Historical Park,” the continued addition of various entertainment and eatery venues, our agency must be poised, ready, and capable of welcoming thousands of new visitors to our City annually. By ensuring we have a highly trained staff who understand not only the missions and goals of the Department, but also the overall direction of our City, we stand united to showcase our City for both our residents and visitors alike making our City the safest, most welcoming place it can be!

In closing, on behalf of the proud men and women of the Auburn Police Department who serve our community with honor, dignity, teamwork, and most importantly compassion, we would like to thank the Mayor, Members of Council, as well as the City Manager, for allowing us the distinct honor of leading our 21st Century Police Agency into the future with their undivided support and encouragement.

Shawn I. Butler, Chief of Police
Roger J. Anthony, Deputy Chief of Police

Mission StatementAuburn Police arm patch

To enhance the quality of life in the City of Auburn by working cooperatively with the citizenry to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, and provide for a safe environment.