Human Rights Commission

Mission Statement

To encourage and ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to participate in the economic, cultural, and intellectual life of the community regardless of disability, creed, race, gender, age, or national origin.


  • To foster mutual respect and understanding among all racial, religious, and national groups within the community.
  • To inquire into incidents of tension and conflict between, or among, various groups and to take actions to alleviate such tensions.
  • To recommend and conduct educational programs to increase goodwill among members of  the community.
  • Services
    • Human Rights services by appointment
    • Legal Services by appointment
    • Spanish Translator by appointment
  • Answers to Human Rights questions.
  • Investigations of alleged discrimination in employment, education, housing, religion, and public accommodation.
  • Design and presentation of public education programs.
  • Promoting greater understanding and respect among racial, ethnic, religious groups through education.
  • Distribution of relevant literature.

Human Rights Commission Members

Name Title
Robert Ellison Chair
Pastor Patrick Heery Member
Gwendolyn M. Jones Member
Joseph Leogrande Member
Rhoda Overstreet Wilson Member
William Gonzalez Member
Kathleen Barnard Member
Gilda Brower Member