Planning Board

Jurisdiction and Authority for the City of Auburn's Planning Board:

  • Reviewing and acting on submitted site plans
  • Reviewing and acting on submitted special permit applications
  • Reviewing and acting on amendments to Chapter 305 of the City Ordinance
  • Acting on zoning matters requiring review under the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act
  • Conducting annual review of the City Zoning Ordinance, and issuing a report in April to the City Council advising on any sections or provisions in need of amendment.

Site Plan Review: 

The technical review of any land use activity which involves construction or other change in the use or appearance of land or a structure, or the change in intensity in the use of land or a structure.

Site plan review is required for, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • New and expanding commercial structures
  • New multi-family residential structures
  • Expansion to existing structures and parking lots by more than twenty-five percent  (25%) of current square footage
  • Construction of new parking lots consisting of seven (7) or more spaces
  • Excavations for the purpose of extracting soil or mineral deposits Site plan review is required for all of the above enumerated uses in all zoning districts within the City of Auburn, and in the South Street Historic Resources Protection District.

The following activities are excluded from the requirement for site plan review:

  • Construction of one or two-family dwellings and ordinary related accessory structures and related land use activities
  • Expansion and/or conversion of existing residential structures and related land use activities
  • Landscaping and grading which is not intended to be used in connection with a land use reviewable under the provisions of the definition above
  • Ordinary repair or maintenance or interior alterations of existing structures or uses 
  • Exterior alterations to existing structures which would not increase the square footage of the existing structure by more than twenty-five percent (25%) 
  • Non-structural agricultural or gardening uses.

Procedures and Requirements for Site Plan Review:

  1. Sketch Plan. A sketch plan conference may be held between the Planning Board staff and the applicant prior to the preparation and submission of a formal site plan. The intent of such a conference is to enable the applicant to inform the Planning Board staff of the proposal prior to the preparation of a detailed site plan; and for the Planning Board staff to review the basic site design concept, advise the applicant as to potential problems and concerns and to generally determine the information to be required on the site plan. In order to accomplish these objectives, the applicant should provide the following:

    1. A statement and rough sketch showing the locations and dimensions of principal and accessory structures, parking areas, access signs (with descriptions), existing and proposed vegetation, and other planned features; anticipated changes in the existing topography and natural features; and, where applicable, measures and features to comply with flood hazard and flood insurance regulations;

    2. A topographic or contour map or adequate scale and detail to show site topography

    3. A sketch or map of the area which clearly shows the location of the site with respect to nearby streets rights-of-way, properties, easements and other pertinent features; and

  2. Application for site plan approval. Applications for Site Plan Review are made through the Code Enforcement Office. Please refer to the application for directions. Applications may be downloaded here: Site Plan Application.

To learn more about site plan approval, please contact the Office of Planning and Economic Development at (315) 255-4115.

Planning Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expires

Deputy Director of Planning & Development

Senior Code Enforcement Officer

Theresa Walsh


December 31, 2021

Crystal Cosentino


December 31, 2022

Elizabeth Koenig


December 31, 2020

Andrew Tehan


December 31, 2021

Tina Tomasso


December 31, 2023