Code Enforcement Office

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for enforcing the Codes of New York State and Chapters 125, 178, 182, 230 and 305 of the Municipal Code of the City of Auburn. Chapter 182 deals with the housing code for residential areas. Chapter 230 deals with property maintenance and includes residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The Code Enforcement Office is also responsible for issuing permits, answering complaints for housing code violations and work being done without permits, referring to and accepting applications for Zoning and Planning Boards, Certificate of Occupancy and Home Occupancy inspections.

Link to City Code Chapter 125

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brian Hicks Sr. Code Enforcement Officer (315) 252-4421
Steve Downing Code Enforcement Officer (315) 255-3452
Eugene Franczek Code Enforcement Officer (315) 255-4107
Lane Pausley Code Enforcement Officer (315) 255-3453
Tawnya Burns Administrative Assistant (315) 255-4110
Jennifer Perry Administrative Assistant (315)-255-4111