Civil Service


The Auburn Civil Service Commission administers Civil Service Laws for the City of Auburn, the Auburn Enlarged School District and the Auburn Housing Authority. The Auburn Civil Service Commission consists of three commissioners, not more than two of whom shall at any time be adherents of the same political party. Municipal Commissioners are local officers but act for the general public in carrying out the provision of NYS Civil Service Law and the Local Civil Service Rules. They are not agent of the Auburn Housing Authority, the Auburn Enlarged School District or the City of Auburn.

Functions of the Civil Service Commission include:

  • Certify eligibles for appointment
  • Process examinations, including ordering new examinations
  • Preparing announcements and reviewing applications
  • Approve provisional and other temporary appointments to competitive class positions
  • Approve appointments to non-competitive class positions
  • Approve claims for veterans' and disabled veterans' credits
  • Review and recommend classifications of positions
  • Maintain roster cards and other personnel records
  • Consult with administrative and legislative officials regarding civil service and personnel matters and procedures.
  • Maintain the classification plan including preparing new and revised class specifications.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Whiting Civil Service Clerk 315-255-4141
John C. Hardy Chair
Mikel E. Zank Commissioner
Tina Tomasso Commissioner

Board Members