Casey Park

Casey Park Ice Rink
Casey Park Ice Rink

Open Skate at the Casey Park Ice Rink

Casey Park Ice Rink is now closed for the season. See you again in Fall of 2024! 


Casey Park Pool is Operated by the City in partnership with the YMCA. The pool is located at the Casey Park Recreation Center, 150 N Division Street. Free Open Family Swim for City residents and Y members.
For more information contact: Erin Johnson, Aquatics Director, 315-253-5304 or

The Casey Park Pool will be open July 5th through August 25th 12 pm noon - 6 pm daily.

2023 Casey Park Pool Rules: (Download as PDF)

The following rules have been established to promote a safe, enjoyable and sanitary swim. We ask your cooperation in following these rules and in heeding the lifeguard's directions. Please direct all comments, questions, or complaints to the Pool Manager. 

  • Anyone having an open cut, sore, or lesion will not be allowed to swim.  These conditions create a health hazard for others.
  • All swimmers are required to take a hot, soapy shower before entering pool.  This helps maintain safe, clean water for all swimmers.
  • Bathing suits are required. Cut-offs, jeans, t-shirts and gym shorts are not permitted.  Clothing designed for use in pools helps prevent clogged filters and embarrassing situations.
  • No toys from outside are to be brought into the pool area, including inflatable “swimmies”.  Pool-safe toys and flotation devices are available for your use at the pool.
  • All children under 8 must have an adult within arm’s reach in the water with them. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult in the pool area.
  • Children under 5’5” tall who cannot pass the deep-end test must be either accompanied by an adult in the water or they must wear a coast-guard approved life vest.  All non-swimmers must remain in the shallow section of the pool. 
  • The Lifeguard will require a swim test before allowing swimmers in deep end.  This is to minimize the risk of drowning.
  • Swim only when lifeguard is on duty.
  • Report all pool accidents to the lifeguard.  They have been trained to respond appropriately.


  • NO glass containers. 
  • NO food, candy, gum or beverages in the pool, locker and shower areas. 
  • NO running on pool deck or in hallways to locker rooms.
  • NO playing on lane lines.
  • NO dunking, pushing, chicken fights, or other horseplay and roughhousing.
  • NO jumping into the pool. 

For more information contact: Erin Johnson, Aquatics Director, 315-253-5304 or

About Casey Park:

  • 50-meter Olympic pool
  • Outdoor basketball courts, horseshoe pits
  • Walking path
  • Skateboard park
  • Public Skating

An amphitheater, covered picnic shelter and playground equipment for children are also available. Casey Park also offers lighted tennis courts as well as two lighted softball fields. From November to February, ice skating and hockey are available on the refrigerated ice surface.

Facility Usage

The use of any athletic, picnic or park facility is granted by written permit through the Department of Public Works/Recreation. For your convenience, please apply in advance. For further information, call 255-4737, Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm.

Design concepts for the new Casey Park Skatepark were presented to the public at a March 23, 2022 public meeting held at the Equal Rights Heritage Center in Auburn.  View the design concept drawings here.  Click here for complete skatepark info.